• Fiberail Sdn Bhd awarded a contract to CommVerge Solutions Malaysia for its Double Track Protection Project at NCC and Menara Ansar sites

  • CommVerge Solutions Hong Kong awarded with a contract by Equinix for the implementation of PE2 EC Network Infrastructure Project

  • Equinix commissioned CommVerge Solutions Hong Kong for its GEN 2.0 Network Refresh Project

  • CommVerge Solutions Philippines Awarded with a Supply and Services Contract by Innova Communication Inc. for the 2017 Fullhouse Project

  • CommVerge Solutions Malaysia Awarded with Contracts of Initiative-Cloud Connect for NCC and AIMS by Fiberail Sdn Bhd

  • CommVerge Solutions Malaysia Partnered with TM Enterprise for the Fulfilment of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) MPLS Network Enhancement

  • CommVerge Solutions Philippines Awarded with a Contract by Innove Communications Inc. for the Supply and Support Services of BNG Expansion, Paras 2

  • CommVerge Solutions Malaysia Awarded with Multiple Contracts for the Supply and Delivery of BTI Equipment for Fiberail Sdn Bhd

  • Fiberail Sdn Bhd Awarded CommVerge Solutions Malaysia with a Contract to Supply and Install BTI Equipment at Menara Ansar

  • Innnove Communications Inc. Awrded a Service Contract to CommVerge Solutions Philippines for Globe NE Technical Support